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Any person who has sufficient education to be enrolled in a certain programme (for undergraduate programme – twelve years secondary or equivalent education in any other country than Lithuania) and is applying for degree studies at KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University of Applied Sciences (KK) is considered to be an international applicant.

The Ministerial decree makes a division between the applicants on the basis of their citizenship. Therefore, the application procedure as well as financial conditions of studies is different for those two groups of applicants.

1st group. Applicants from the EU and EEA countries as well as the persons having permanent residence permit in Lithuania may apply for studies under the same conditions as Lithuanian applicants.

The application for undergraduate studies is through joint admission network, which unites all higher education institutions in Lithuania.

For undergraduate studies there are no entrance exams. Selected students do not pay for the studies; the rest may choose to pay the tuition fee.

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