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One of the Universities we represent in Canada is Centennial College. It is situated in the city of Toronto, Canada. This is a city that is Safe, clean and affordable; it’s got one of the highest standards of living in the world and the economic heart of Canada. Toronto is also known as Canada’s manufacturing & Financial capital.

Few more facts about Toronto, Canada…

  • There are two post secondary systems; college and university
  • Canada is unique since many students choose to study at university and college at the same time
  • University stresses theory
  • College stresses practical
  • The two education systems often blend with each other
  • Many pathways to University

Each year more than 170,000 International Students come to Canada

Canada: one of the highest quality, standardized educations In the world

Centennial – Each year more than 4,700 international Students choose Centennial

  • Canada: One of world’s lowest tuition (approx. $13,500/year)
  • It is less expensive to live in Toronto than in most large American cities

Why Centennial?

  • We are Ontario’s first publicly funded college
  • International students can work and study legally in Canada
  • International students can graduate in as little as a year
  • International students adapt easier with smaller class sizes
  • More seats available to international students
  • Less expensive
  • Co-op work experience
  • Job placement success

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