Facts about Ukraine

  1. Ukraine is a modern European country located in the Eastern part of Europe and is one of the largest European countries for its area
  2. Ukrainians are worldwide famous for their benevolent attitude towards other nations, their loyalty and high international tolerance
  3. The official language is Ukrainian,although most Ukrainians speak Russian as well
  4. Ukraine’s largest cities with a population of around 1 million people or more are: Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, and Odesa
  5. The climate in Ukraine is temperatewith distinct seasons. The averagetemperature in summer is between +19 and +23 C, average winter temperature is -7 C and below
  6. Ukraine is in UTC +2 time zone (Kievtime)

10 Reasons why you should study in Ukraine

  1. NO entrance examinations (NoTOEFL/IELTS required)
  2. Affordable cost of education
  3. High European level of education
  4. Wide range of degree programs
  5. Options of language of studying: English, Ukrainian and Russian
  6. Preparatory language coursesavailable
  7. Hostel accommodation provided
  8. Great opportunities for practical studies, research and scientific activity
  9. Tolerant society and hospitable environment
  10. Beautiful country with European standards of life

Panoramic view of Ukraine

Popular courses in Ukraine

  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Aviation and Rocket Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Banking and Finance
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