Facts about Hungary

  1. Hungary has a wealth of culture and history, complemented by a language so completely different from its neighbours that almost no shared words exist!
  2. Hungary can be the perfect place to keep warm, as it is located over a very active geo-thermic area and has over a thousand thermal water springs and the second largest thermal Lake in the world for bathing (Lake Hévíz)
  3. Hungary is situated in the low, flat area of the Carpathian Basin, with a gently undulating landscape of hills and plains, and it features one of the largest continuous grasslands in Europe.
  4. Hungary is landlocked like its neighbours Austria, Slovakia and Serbia though it still deserves the nickname “land of waters”, as it holds the largest lake in Europe (Lake Balaton) and is crossed by mighty rivers which divide and define its regions

10 Reasons why you should study in Hungary

  1. No entrance examinations (NO TOEEFL/IELTS required)
  2. Affordable cost of education
  3. High European level of education
  4. It is a Schengen member countrys
  5. Double degree programmes
  6. Exchange programmes opportunities with UK, US and European Universities
  7. Located in the heart of Europe
  8. Two years permanent residence after graduation
  9. Academic based scholarship opportunities
  10. Programmes are taught in English Language

Panoramic view of Ukraine

Popular courses in Hungary

  • Business Management
  • Communication and Media
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Tourism
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